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The Roots of Wedding Cakes…and signs!

Ah summer and with all these beautiful days and weekends…come those many wonderful celebrations of LOVE!  Yes, weddings are in full swing right about now, and today, just about anything  goes!

The tradition of the Wedding Cake has ancient roots. The Wedding Cake  was originally lots of little wheat cakes that were broken over the  Bride’s head to bring good luck and fertility. Every guest then ate a  crumb to ensure good luck.

We design all kinds of cakes, based on the themes of weddings and the desires of the couples we meet.  Even cupcakes have made their way into weddings, in the form of a tower! Miniature cakes are gaining popularity as well–or individual cakes made for each guest!

Whatever cake you choose, the symbolic act of “cutting the wedding cake” becomes a moment to celebrate the couples unity, a  shared future, and their life together as one.  The bride and groom feed each other a taste of cake to symbolize the  sharing of life’s bounty.

We love to make wedding cakes.  We love it.  This makes a big different, for loving something, as you well know, is inclined to make you proceed with a certain care. It’s the little things that count, and that come together to make something more than you expect.

Some say that Sunshine on the way to the church is good luck, and that Snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.  Some say that, if a child under five steals a taste of frosting before  the first cut, their first born will be the same sex as that child.

May our joy in creating the perfect cake for you or your customers, be  just one more perfect little sign about this amazing and most important day, that gives you that wonderful feeling, that this is all the start of something great.

P.S.  * Just remember – That borrowed item must be returned to ensure  good fortune…

"Lemon Raspberry Tart. This Signature Dish is another brilliant creation."

The Pasadena Foothill Magazine 2012