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The Roots of Wedding Cakes…and signs!

Ah summer and with all these beautiful days and weekends…come those many wonderful celebrations of LOVE!  Yes, weddings are in full swing right about now, and today, just about anything  goes!

The tradition of the Wedding Cake has ancient roots. The Wedding Cake  was originally lots of little wheat cakes that were broken over the  Bride’s head to bring good luck and fertility. Every guest then ate a  crumb to ensure good luck.

We design all kinds of cakes, based on the themes of weddings and the desires of the couples we meet.  Even cupcakes have made their way into weddings, in the form of a tower! Miniature cakes are gaining popularity as well–or individual cakes made for each guest!

Whatever cake you choose, the symbolic act of “cutting the wedding cake” becomes a moment to celebrate the couples unity, a  shared future, and their life together as one.  The bride and groom feed each other a taste of cake to symbolize the  sharing of life’s bounty.

We love to make wedding cakes.  We love it.  This makes a big different, for loving something, as you well know, is inclined to make you proceed with a certain care. It’s the little things that count, and that come together to make something more than you expect.

Some say that Sunshine on the way to the church is good luck, and that Snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.  Some say that, if a child under five steals a taste of frosting before  the first cut, their first born will be the same sex as that child.

May our joy in creating the perfect cake for you or your customers, be  just one more perfect little sign about this amazing and most important day, that gives you that wonderful feeling, that this is all the start of something great.

P.S.  * Just remember – That borrowed item must be returned to ensure  good fortune…

The Ever-So Humble Cresent

Ah the croissant~!  Who knew that a simply crescent could take us to heaven!  With its perfect mix of crisp, soft, buttery, sweet, and savory (the perfect little amount of salt)… a croissant as the first mouthful is a  perfect omen for the rest of your day.

Perfectly shaped.  Crisp and crumbly where it’s supposed to be.   Cloud-soft, but elastic enough to put up a tiny resistance as I bit into it.  So perfectly flaky it extended like an accordian as I pulled it  apart.  Boy, was it perfect.  Oops…I guess I ate a few while writing this.  How could I help myself?  I want it with my  eyes: golden, flaky–you see flakes from the outside. I look for  something that is very light puff pastry. … Of course, it should melt in your mouth, as you’re savoring the never-tiresome taste of butter, (REAL 100% pure high-quality butter)…what more can I say?  Oops…now I’ve had two.  Or three?  No, I think two.  I’m sure only two…

Custom Cupcakes the Craze Continues…

Take the finest ingredients, including sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar vanilla, fresh carrots and strawberries, real citrus zest…put it all in a tiny perfect package and what have you got?

Yes–welcome to the haute cupcake craze!  A delicious and sophisticated update on a classic!  And we’re making some of the best you’ll ever find…even Brittany Spears and her “entourage” wanted them for after their concert.  (What?  Oh yes–she ate the strawberry ones with fresh strawberry buttercream frosting–VERY pink!)  We make them custom and to order in a multitude of flavors and combos.  Serving them is quite on trend…and need way say it?  Delicious.  I want two!!

It’s June. Did you guess?

Although you may think it is just a cake –  your wedding cake will, in fact, be  the center  piece of your wedding reception. The  eyes of  all your guests will automatically  rivet to  the layers of beautiful cake, frosting the amazing decorations and anticipate the moment when you’ll cap off the event by  cutting it for a photo op and for  all to share in the “sweetness” of the moment (sorry–couldn’t resist!).

Choosing a wedding  cake is probably one of the most  enjoyable things  about marriage planning (remember–tasting is involved!) but it can  take time  to find just the right cake and just  the right  person to create it.  You want someone reliable, experienced, creative and wonderful to interact with.  Need we say it?  Look no futher!  Hundreds and hundreds of enthusiastic letters, photos and subsequent anniversary and birthday cakes tell their own story.  One we are confident you’ll love.

Cookies. A simple item. Or is it?

What’s not to like about a cookie?

Amazingly, sometimes a lot.  Do you want to make a great cookie? Using quality ingredients is essential! A lot of bakers will purchase brand x ingredients like chocolate chips, coconut, oatmeal, raisins, butter and other important cookie ingredients. Any  one of these cheap ingredients could ruin your cookies. Think about it…for example when you enjoy chocolate, what do you enjoy more?  A cheap brand x chocolate bar or the gourmet, top of the line luxury chocolate bar?

Like all lessons in  life, you reap what you sow.  Skimping on ingredients make for a boring and yes–hard to believe–disappointing cookie!  Great ingredients on the other hand–like pure 100% real butter, imported Swiss and Belgium Chocolate–produce the most divine cookies you’ve ever seen, smelled and tasted~! Amazing little surprise for the day: we make luxurious top of the line cookies without extravagant pricing.  How’s that for a nice way to start your day?  Yum!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

It’s Memorial Day and in honor of this beautiful three day weekend, in which I did loads of gardening and just relaxed, what could be a more perfect thing to eat then this: the Pasadena Baking Co. Flourless Chocolate Cake.  Unrivaled.  There are other versions out there.  None as good as this.  Sorry, but it’s true.  If you’d like to compare I’d be happy to come visit you and you can taste this one…

P.S.  Plus its a favorite of everyone in my house, so how could you go wrong in serving this?  I mean how could I go wrong…oops!  Don’t worry that you didn’t have it this weekend–there’s always next weekend. :)  Plus it goes great with all of those beautiful summer berries we’re able to get now.  Enjoy!

Elements of the Perfect Fruit Tart

Nothing says summer like fresh fruit.

How do you make fruit tarts look as good as they do in a patisserie?  You order them from us.  Are all fruit tarts the same?  We think not…and dare you to put them to the test.

First there is the tart itself–it must be just the right texture.  Don’t you want it to crumble in your mouth and taste buttery and delicious while holding up to the filling?  Absolutely.  Next you must delve into the custard cream which MUST be truly heavenly, making the whole fruit tart a true  treat.  And now…to the fruit itself.  It must look beautiful.  It’s wonderful when there is kiwi, or currants–something unusual to add even more color and shape.  Ideally in our minds, the mound of fruit is incredibly high, and the colors are stunning. And  most important of all! The fruit on the fruit tart is the most delicious, incredibly rich in flavor and sweetness.  There you have it: the three essential components of a perfectly glorious fruit tart.  At Pasadena Baking you don’t even have to choose which part you like best: you can trust all three elements are there in spades and have it all!  How nice is that?  Ah…summer.  What’s not to love?


Most items are available with No Sugar added, Gluten Free, Nut Free, or Lactose Free upon special request. Contact Us now.

"2010 City's Best, Wedding Cake"

Pasadena Magazine 2010