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The Ever-So Humble Cresent

Ah the croissant~!  Who knew that a simply crescent could take us to heaven!  With its perfect mix of crisp, soft, buttery, sweet, and savory (the perfect little amount of salt)… a croissant as the first mouthful is a  perfect omen for the rest of your day.

Perfectly shaped.  Crisp and crumbly where it’s supposed to be.   Cloud-soft, but elastic enough to put up a tiny resistance as I bit into it.  So perfectly flaky it extended like an accordian as I pulled it  apart.  Boy, was it perfect.  Oops…I guess I ate a few while writing this.  How could I help myself?  I want it with my  eyes: golden, flaky–you see flakes from the outside. I look for  something that is very light puff pastry. … Of course, it should melt in your mouth, as you’re savoring the never-tiresome taste of butter, (REAL 100% pure high-quality butter)…what more can I say?  Oops…now I’ve had two.  Or three?  No, I think two.  I’m sure only two…

"2010 City's Best, Wedding Cake"

Pasadena Magazine 2010