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Cookies. A simple item. Or is it?

What’s not to like about a cookie?

Amazingly, sometimes a lot.  Do you want to make a great cookie? Using quality ingredients is essential! A lot of bakers will purchase brand x ingredients like chocolate chips, coconut, oatmeal, raisins, butter and other important cookie ingredients. Any  one of these cheap ingredients could ruin your cookies. Think about it…for example when you enjoy chocolate, what do you enjoy more?  A cheap brand x chocolate bar or the gourmet, top of the line luxury chocolate bar?

Like all lessons in  life, you reap what you sow.  Skimping on ingredients make for a boring and yes–hard to believe–disappointing cookie!  Great ingredients on the other hand–like pure 100% real butter, imported Swiss and Belgium Chocolate–produce the most divine cookies you’ve ever seen, smelled and tasted~! Amazing little surprise for the day: we make luxurious top of the line cookies without extravagant pricing.  How’s that for a nice way to start your day?  Yum!

"Lemon Raspberry Tart. This Signature Dish is another brilliant creation."

The Pasadena Foothill Magazine 2012